Vented IV Infusion Set

Vented IV Infusion Set Manufacturers in India

Vented IV Infusion Set

Product Code : MD-0134-0006

Vented IV Infusion Set.  

Used for infusion of fluids and medicines into human circulating system.

For gravity feed only.

Strong, sharp spike for easy penetration.

A transparent drip chamber helps easy monitoring of flow rate and priming.

15-micron fluid filter inside drip chamber for filtration of foreign particles in the fluid.

Kink-resistant PVC Tube for uniform flow rate.

Smooth roller- clamp for easy adjustment of flow rate.

Self-sealing latex bulb.

Drop rate- 20 drops/ml.

Tube Length 1.5 mtr.

Tube dia : I Ø 2.8 mm, O Ø 4.0 mm.

ETO Sterilized, Single Use, Disposable, Non-Pyrogenic.

The following options are available:

  • With flow regulator & needle-free Y injection port.
  • With Y injection port.
  • With & without needle.
  • Luer lock / Rotating Luer Lock / Luer Slip.

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