IV Set with Bulb Latex

IV Set with Bulb Latex Manufacturers in India

IV Set with Bulb Latex

Product Code : MD-0127-0006

Inner Diameter 2.7 mm

Tube Length       150 / 125cm.

The drip chamber and drip tube maintain a distance of 40mm between the end of the drip tube and the outlet of the chamber.

The wall of the drip chamber is not closer than 5mm to the end of the drip tube.

Flow rate of 50 ± drops/min. delivered 1 ± 0.1ml (1 ± 0.1g)

The flow regulator allows smoothly adjusting the flow of the infusion solution between Zero and the maximum.

Hypodermic needle of 21G and length 38mm provided superior performance having sharp and smooth vein puncture.

Suitable for Long and short-term medical or surgical infusion therapy with a choice of vented or non-vented and with or without “Y” sharp connector sets or use with PVC, Glass, or Semi-rigid containers.

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